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6x6m Aluminum Arch Tent Family Outdoor Dinner Party Tent

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6x6m Aluminum Arch Tent Family Outdoor Dinner Party Tent
1 piece
Aluminum frame + White roof + White sidewalls
6x6m Aluminum Arch Tent Family Outdoor Dinner Party Tent

More information about aluminum tent & arch tent:
 Technical Specification
  • Size: 6x6m
  • Door height: 2.2m
  • Ridge height: 4m
  • Main profile: 60x60x2.5mm

 Available Sizes 

4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m, 7x7m, 8x8m

  (More sizes of aluminum tent & arch tent can be customized!)

 Product Materials 
FrameHard pressed extruded aluminum alloy, with oxidation treatment on surface

Double sides PVC-coated polyester; Water proof, flame retardant, UV resistant, anti-aging;       

650g/㎡ for white roof and sidewalls


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